How deep the fathers love for us

     E♭                Fm   E♭ A♭ 
How deep the Father's love for us,
     E♭              B♭sus/B♭
how vast beyond all measure
     E♭                 Fm/E♭ A♭  
That he should give his only son,
    E♭               B♭   E♭
to make a wretch his treasure
                       Fm/E♭    A♭ 
How great the pain of searing loss,
     E♭                Cm    B♭
the Father turned his face away
    E♭                   Fm/E♭  A♭  
As wounds which mar the chosen one, 
       E♭          B♭  E♭
bring many sons to glory
     E♭        Fm   E♭ A♭    
Behold the man upon a cross, 
   E♭              B♭sus/B♭
my sin upon his shoulders
 E♭                 Fm/E♭    A♭  
Ashamed, I hear my mocking voice 
      E♭            B♭   E♭
call out among the scoffers
                    Fm   E♭    A♭ 
It was my sin that held him there 
  E♭            Cm    B♭
until it was accomplished
    E♭                   Fm  E♭  A♭   
His dying breath has brought me life; 
   E♭              B♭  E♭
I know that it is finished
 E♭                 Fm E♭ A♭  
I will not boast in anything: 
     E♭                B♭sus/B♭
no gifts, no power, no wisdom
  E♭                 Fm/E♭  A♭    
But I will boast in Jesus Christ; 
     E♭            B♭   E♭
his death and resurrection
                        Fm  E♭ A♭  
Why should I gain from his reward? 
   E♭            Cm B♭
I cannot give an answer
    E♭                Fm  E♭  A♭   
But this I know with all my heart: 
      E♭                B♭  E♭
his wounds have paid my ransom